Christopher S. Beard established the law firm of Fortune & Beard in 2010. His desire was to have a group of attorneys focused on three basic principles: dedication, justice and service. Mr. Beard strives to uphold these principles with each case that he works. He is passionate about advocating and working tirelessly for his clients.

William T. Fortune established the law firm of Fortune & Beard in 2010.  Mr. Fortune is a prominent trial attorney and is often regarded as one of the best among his colleagues. His career has centered on representing those that have been injured or treated unjustly.  Mr. Fortune’s skills, dedication, and passion for his clients are what drive him to provide a level of representation that is second to none.

Birmingham Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys

Jonathan Arnold joined Fortune & Beard in 2015 after beginning his practice in the consumer financial field. His experiences in that industry created a desire to help individuals that found themselves in difficult situations. Mr. Arnold’s main objective with every case that he handles is to ensure his client is made whole again. His focus is on making sure every client can move forward with their life knowing that they received justice.