Christopher S. Beard established the law firm of Fortune & Beard in 2010, which was founded on three basic principles: dedication, justice and service. Mr. Beard strives to uphold these principles with each case that he works. He is passionate about defending the rights of accident victims and working tirelessly to make them whole again.

William T. Fortune established the law firm of Fortune & Beard in 2010.  Mr. Fortune is a prominent trial attorney and is often regarded as one of the best among his colleagues. His skills, dedication, and passion for his clients are what drive him to provide a level of representation that is second to none.

Jonathan Arnold serves as an Of Counsel attorney with Fortune & Beard. The single most important aspect to him in the practice of law is to make sure that he’s helping the clients in whatever situation they are facing. His first goal when meeting clients is to get to know them so he can better understand their situation. He strives to make the client comfortable and confident that time has not been wasted.