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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance for people who have worked and paid into social security. It is generally paid to people who cannot work for a year or more due to their disability. There is a five (5) month waiting period to receive SSDI benefits in order to show signs of recovery or correction of the disability. More information regarding SSDI benefits can be found at, and eligibility requirements can be found If you are unable to hold a full-time job because of a physical or mental disability, and you have met the minimum requirements for SSDI eligibility, you have a right to receive the benefits you need. Our attorneys can determine your eligibility and file all necessary applications and appeals on your behalf. We will work hard to obtain the financial and medical assistance you and your family need.

Denial of Benefits

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED. There are several reasons for a denial which can range from insufficient information to an incorrectly filled out form. You will have an opportunity to appeal your denial at an Application Hearing and Review.

Thinking About Applying

Often times having a skilled attorney who understands the SSDI application process can help prevent a denial of your initial claim. An attorney can assists you by organizing paperwork, accurately completing forms, obtaining any medical exams and records, providing additional financial documentation and filing in a timely manner, this assistance can improve your chances of having your claim approved.


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